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Custom E-liquid Boxes

Introduce Safe Smoking With Custom E-Liquid Boxes

Over time, the trend of smoking cigarettes has been taken over by more modest and less hazardous vapes, as a result, the demand for e-liquids is also on the rise. Among hundreds of similar-looking products on shelves, it has become difficult to make your brand a top pick. The use of custom e-liquid boxes can bring an incredible increase in your business sales. It is the best packaging solution you can find industry-wide for your vaping products. So what are you waiting for? It is the right time to order custom e-liquid boxes and create a buzz in the market.

One Of The Top-Selling E-Liquid Box Manufacturers

Undoubtedly, our company is among some of the most well-reputed e-liquid box manufacturers all across the industry. At Custom Printed Boxes, you will find a variety of packaging options for your vaping products. Nothing is more valuable than delivering your products in pristine condition. To keep them safe during the transition or storage, we provide you different options to choose a material accordingly. Whether you want e-liquid shipping boxes or one for product packaging, the choice of material entirely depends upon you. Some of the best options include:
– Cardstock
– Paperboard
– Kraft paper
– Cardboard
– Corrugated cardboard
Getting your custom printed e-liquid boxes from us, will never disappoint you at any step!

Custom Printed E-Liquid Boxes Enhance Your Brand Appeal

Going for a packaging that is unattractive and inelegant is never a good choice. It does not attract the modern consumer and makes your products perceive to be of low-quality. On the other hand, custom printed e-liquid boxes give a branded look. We offer an array of interesting customizations for structural and graphic design to make them more eye-catchy. It’s a fantastic way to set your brand apart in this crucial marketplace.
Magnificent styles and appealing display attract everyone. A simple but creatively designed e-liquid box can provide maximum comfort of assembling by using inserts and dividers. It makes you place different bottles of e-juice flavors together in the same box with elegance and protection. Besides it, we also offer a perfect combination of different color schemes, box styles, fonts and enticing graphics to enhance your brand appeal.

Exceptional Printing Capabilities For E-Liquid Boxes Wholesale

Printed Custom Boxes provides its clients with exceptional printing services to create a unique identity for your brand. The vape industry is highly competitive. To make your e-liquids the center of attention of retail shelves it is necessary to work on every little detail. Having magnificent printing on your e-liquid boxes wholesale helps you in creating a glamorous aesthetic appeal. It plays a key role in drawing the attention of customers towards all types of e-liquids. Moreover, by using the latest printing technology you can highlight all the necessary product details including its ingredients, flavor, manufacturing and expiry dates, net weight of the package, and even the company’s information.
For obtaining uniqueness in your custom printed e-liquid boxes, experience our top-notch printing services. Get the typography, images, and artwork of your choice along with a wide range of inspirational designs exactly according to your need. Add your logo to give a branded effect. Play with alluring color combinations and themes to create such appealing printing design which matches the customers’ expectations. You may also upload a design idea of your own to be unique. If you need more assistance, consult our in-house design specialists to help you out and address all problems and queries within minutes!

Box Up A Big Flavor Hit In Adorable Custom E-liquid Boxes

E-liquids are gaining a competitive edge among all newly launched products based on their cannabidiol properties. The availability of a wide range of flavors has made them even more attractive for new users. Even if a customer does not intend to try an e-liquid, a variety of flavors displayed on shelves entice him to give it a try. The increased demand for these impressive substitutes is encouraging companies to work on more creative ideas to modify their e-liquid box packaging. The use of related images or specific colors on custom e-liquid boxes according to the flavor helps you in boxing up your products in an adorable manner. Such a presentation also gives you a retail marketing edge and makes you win hundreds of customers.

Complement Your E-liquid Box With Special Finishing Effects

Chic and elegant-looking packages are getting trendy over time. Especially in the case of e-liquids, such packaging is required which adds more value to your product display. Once the e-liquid box is printed with the required artwork, our company offers several lamination and finishing effects according to the customers’ demand. These options are highly adorable and will take your brand’s look to a next level. Gloss/matte lamination, aqueous coating, UV coating, metallic foiling, embossing and debossing etc. are some of the good choices. These effects do not only enhance the outlook of your custom e-liquid boxes but also make them more protective to use.

Want To Get Custom E-liquid Boxes For Your Brand?

Businesses today are eager to find ways to get an affordable packaging solution at their doorstep. But most of the e-liquid box manufacturers provide a trade-off between price and quality. However, at Custom Printed Boxes, fulfilling customers’ requirements is our top priority. We offer premium-quality custom e-liquid boxes at a highly affordable price. Our team of experts is at your service 24/7 to help you in creating the desired packaging. Just place your order on our website. You may also write your queries through e-mail at or make a call at +44 121 318 3093.