Custom Hang Tags Are A Perfect Way To Acquire Competitive Edge

Custom hang tags are an effective and affordable way to highlight your distinctive branding and style. They can be used with almost every product that comes to your mind. These tags are specially designed for the people who want to get valuable information like price, product specifications, and even the company’s details more clearly at a glance.
Custom hang tags make a good choice for clothes, perfumes, collectibles, snacks, cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, and a variety of products of everyday use. Ordering these labels along with your product packaging can give good exposure to your brand. It makes you acquire a competitive advantage and establish a distinct position among several similar brands. Then why not enjoy these benefits? Just order hang tags now from Custom Printed Boxes and take your product packaging to a new level.

Acquire Exceptional Embossed Hang Tags

For a business, its design strategy is the most important thing as it can help in establishing a standing position on shelves. However, if it is not implemented successfully it fails to impress the target audience. The use of custom printed hang tags can make a good contribution in this regard. Over time, it has turned out to be an effective marketing tactic to bring a big boost in your business sales. By featuring a custom design, you can create a unique and innovative look for your brand. It’s your choice whether you want to use embossed hang tags or one with a simple, minimalistic look. You may also opt for adding several colors to create an eye-catchy display. Our experts are experienced enough to form a design that matches your expectations! 

Our Printing Capabilities For Custom Hang Tags

At Custom Printed Boxes, you will find a wide range of options to create a perfect design for your hang tags. Whether you want to print them in small or large quantities, we offer advanced printing options to create an adorable display. Digital and offset printing are the two commonly used choices. They help in creating a premium-quality look that is hard to ignore.
To add-on more worth to your custom hang tags, CMYK(cyan, Magenta, yellow and Key) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) techniques are used. They create an amazing color combination to grab the customers’ attention instantly. We have also specialized in replicating the colors according to your branding specifications. You have to just state your requirement, a custom printed solution will be delivered to your doorstep.

Customize Your Folded Hang Tags For Better Results

As mentioned earlier, custom printed hang tags are a primary and efficient way to complete your product packaging and branding. No matter, whatever is the product type, you can customize them accordingly to match the rest of the packaging. These little folded hang tags remind the customers how to take more care about the product or how to dig deep into the company’s details in addition to highlighting its price. It also serves as a perfect marketing tool for your businesses. Just design them according to your branding theme and all is done!

These Coatings Can Make Your Custom Printed Hang Tags More Curious!

Every customer wants to get a unique experience with the product he buys. Adding printed hang tags can take your product’s presentation to a next level. However, if you introduce some special coatings, no other brand can take your position. These finishing effects provide a better experience to the customers and help in creating a unique look that can’t be ignored.
Matte Lamination: It gives your custom printed hang tags a refined and classy look that is ideal for a premium brand. You may use muted, neutral colors with a subdued display to create a long-lasting effect.
Gloss Lamination: It has a vivid sheen with each color and detail standing out. It creates a mirror-like finish on your custom hang tags, demonstrating the longevity of the product.
Metallic Foiling: It’s another trendy finish that can create an amazing look for your custom hang tags. Silver, gold, or any other colored metal can be used for this purpose. It creates a royal feel that impresses every passing-by customer!
Other commonly used options include UV coating, aqueous coating, embossing, etc. Each of them has its own features and can give a magnificent look to your hang tags.

Designed Die-Cut Hang Tags In Any Size And Shape You Want

Custom printed hang tags usually come in a rectangular or square shape, but you may go for any other unique styles according to your choice. These rectangular hang tags give a sophisticated and elegant look. However, you need to design them in appropriate sizes to make them more eye-catchy. These three are the most commonly used size options:
– 2″ x 3.5″ – These dimensions are the same as a regular business card, making them ideal in look and easy to carry.
– 2″ x 4″ – It is slightly smaller than the normal scale and is perfect to be used for tag styles that are horizontal or vertical.
2.5″ x 2.5″ – This square-shaped tag provides additional space to display and highlight useful product information. It perfectly showcases your logo, slogan, or other branding essentials in a chic style. You may also give your hand tags a streamlined look, by adding rounded corners.
These specially-designed, die-cut hang tags can give a new identity to your brand. You can use them on any product of your choice and customize them in the way you want. Add on appealing colors and impressive printing patterns to make them stand out from the crowd.

Contact Us For Placing Your Orders For Custom Hang Tags

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