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Custom Printed Boxes is a top leading manufacturer of custom vape boxes in the United States, producing wholesale vape packaging boxes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit your needs. We offer the best packaging for vape items. If you’re in the vape business, you’re probably aware of how fierce the competition is. You should be aware of your rival’s marketing plan. Custom designed vape boxes will help you attract customers and enhance the overall selling of your product.
The modern way of smoking is referred to as vaping. Similarly, to the days when cigars and pipes were regarded as “classy,” vaping is the current fashion. Since vaping has become the norm, businesses all over the world are expanding to take advantage of custom printed vape boxes.
One of the most crucial aspects, aside from producing classy and exquisite vapes, is its packaging. Because if your vape product is not packaged in a beautiful and appealing manner, it will not catch the attention of the customer, resulting in low sales. Custom packaging for vape boxes is one of the unique marketing tactics that attract customers. Packaging that is up to par will gain you a new customer.

Material Used In Manufacturing Of Custom Printed Vape Boxes

The material used to construct a vape box is one of the most important considerations. The secret element in making good custom printed vape boxes is the material and production approach used by Custom Printed Boxes. If you believe a particular material is a better fit for the vape box, we will agree and send you the precise item you requested. However, the following are the materials that we most commonly use in order to make boxes a reality:

– Card stock – Corrugated boxes – Rigid eco-friendly kraft

Every material has its own unique properties; for example, eco-friendly kraft is both recyclable and biodegradable, making custom vape boxes environmentally friendly. For environmentally-conscious businesses, we may also provide the option of embedding beans into the material, allowing consumers to use the boxes to grow trees and plants. Similarly, corrugated material is the finest option for shipments to international customers. The vaporizer and e-liquid are protected by corrugated boxes, which are robust and durable. Apart from the materials, practically every company is concerned about the manufacturing style that will be most fit for their product. The following manufacturing styles are followed by Custom Printed Boxes:

  • Flat boxes
  • Box with Glue
  • Box with Perforations

Buy Custom Vape Boxes Wholesale In Any Quantity You Want

Our company manufactures a wide range of vape packaging boxes at wholesale rates in a variety of unique colours, forms, and sizes to meet our clients’ diverse marketing demands. We make inventive, beautiful, and engaging custom vape boxes with our latest printing techniques, state-of-the-art designing equipment, and expert in-house designers that speak for the product contained within and raise their value.
These eye-catching packaging boxes for vape will help to identify your products, captivate the audience’s attention, persuade them that your products are of the highest quality, and influence their purchasing decisions. . Custom Printed Boxes is the most professional and experienced packaging supplier firm in the United States which offers wholesale vape packaging boxes to both small and medium-sized enterprises.
Utilizing the latest printing techniques and the most efficient die-cutting methods, we produce high quality custom printed vape boxes that allow customers to bundle multiple products in one box to promote up-selling and discounted products.. We supply amazing vape packaging boxes that allow you to put a single product in each box, meticulously and minutely addressing the individual requirements. People buy custom vape boxes wholesale at a reasonable price from our company.

Make Your Vape Box Packaging Experience Unique With Us

We want to see your vape box shine in every way, whether it’s the design, the material, the printing process, or the colours used to add a little bling. You may put your trust in us since we use the following printing processes to create custom packaging for vape boxes:

  • Printing on a computer
  • Flexography printing is a type of printing that uses a flex
  • Printing on offset presses

Another major consideration for most firms is the colour scheme that will be used to create their product’s packaging. At our firm, we provide stylish vape box packaging service by using the following colour schemes:

  • CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
  • PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is (Pantone Matching System)

You have the option of using one of our common colour schemes or having us create a bespoke one for you. Whatever it is that you desire, we are here to provide you best vape box packaging experience. You can also take advantage of the following deals in addition to these:

  • UV Embossing and Debossing on the Spot
  • Stamping using Foil
  • Window-Cut PVC and Die-Cut PVC

The following elements provide vape boxes with an extra layer of delicacy, appeal, and quality. People used to buy custom vape boxes from our company based on their preferences.

Get Custom Printed Vape Boxes Delivered On Time By Our Fast Service

Working with us means you get the best return on your investment. Have your custom vape boxes delivered to your door as quickly as possible. You can rest assured that the integrity of your box will never be negatively impacted. We send your vape boxes with great care and attention to detail in 10-15 business days. You won’t have to pay anything more for shipping!
That’s how devoted we are to you! With us, you may get the best of both worlds: high quality and increased functionality. We offer a wide range of customization for custom printed vape boxes so you may be as creative as you want. The opulence of the other aspects can find its way into your finished product. You are free to use as many add-ons as you wish at once. We also produce wholesale vape packaging boxes with custom printed logo on them. Please contact us at or +44 121 318 3093 to place an order for vape boxes.