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Extra Thick Custom Printed Kraft Tags!

Your item or present has been beautifully wrapped and is ready to be delivered. It only requires a label now. You don’t want to just slap on a drab label or affix a meaningless tag. Beautiful custom kraft hang tags are a must-have for your items! Avoid any weak hang tags that are likely to rip. Consider using ultra-thick hang tags by Custom Printed Boxes, which will feel impressive in the hands and look attractive when hung from your merchandise.
The thickness of the custom kraft tags is a vital consideration since the thicker the hang tag is, the greater the quality feel. The thickness of the hang tag also extends its life. Finally, extra-thick hang tags provide a tactile experience that is unlike any other. Our company offers wholesale custom printed kraft tags to their customers at a reasonable price.

Custom Kraft Hang Tags Specialities!

Ultra-thick hang tags have a longer lifespan and a more unique appearance. Why not make your hang tag even more professional, elegant, or opulent? To make your gorgeous thick hang tags stand out, include the following features. You’ll find custom printed kraft tags waiting for you! Add foil stamping to your extremely thick hang tag to make it more interesting.
Foil stamping is a technique for incorporating foil colours into specific areas of your card. To give your hang tag a glistening appearance, foil stamp your logo or typography. On our foil chart, you can find whatever foil colour you want. Print your kraft hang tags with white ink. We also provide 100 percent recycled Kraft paper and eco-friendly custom kraft hang tags at Custom Printed Boxes, which provide a rustic, raw appearance.

Custom Kraft Paper Tags Made Of Highest Material!

Custom kraft paper tags are produced from extra-durable brown paper and are mostly used for tagging and commenting on items. These tags can be printed in any colour, but the brownish paper adds an attractive touch to your merchandise. We offer personalised Kraft paper tags with any text and die-cut shapes to ensure that all of your desired shapes are printed from that crafting material. Brown Kraft paper tags come in a variety of shapes, including circular, rectangular, and square. Our customers can opt to add extra embellishments like embossing or stamping to their tags, which will increase their physical appeal while maintaining their original shape. You may even add shine with silver or gold foiling, and UV protection will keep your paper hang tags scratch-free at all times.

Our Firm Provides Excellent Custom Kraft Tags Services!

Anniversaries, special celebrations, corporate events, conferences, meetings, and sales pitches are all common occasions to seize a chance with a meaningful gift or broaden your brand’s knowledge and perception with a promotional gift. With your own custom kraft tags, you may stamp your brand, slogan, message, or signature! Our firm can assist you in this. Consumer loyalty can be gained through creative custom hang tags. Add a variety of colour to your hang tag or completely cover it in rich tones. Making your decision is entirely up to you.
You can choose to overlay your kraft hang tag with vibrant colours on both sides or only the front. Spot Pantone is another option. The Pantone colour system is what we utilise to find the exact colour you’re looking for. It enables us to identify precise and one-of-a-kind colours to fit each customer’s precise and one-of-a-kind requirements. We not only offer the best in quaint paper, colours, and items, but we also guarantee prompt delivery to your door. To discuss your custom kraft hang tags needs, call +44 121 318 3093 or email


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