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Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes – Make Your Brand Look Different!

Custom magnetic closure rigid boxes also known as bespoke magnetic closure gift boxes, rigid boxes, set up boxes as well as luxury boxes, are a traditional packaging style with a luxurious twist. Rigid magnetic closure boxes have solid chipboard walls for maximum product protection. These boxes are also used as an immediate souvenir for premium items because of the movable lids at times, which offers a distinctive presentation. The addition of a magnet within the front divider aids in the separation of magnets and the secure closure of the box.
Custom magnetic closure rigid boxes can be customised with logos, brands, and other relevant product information to leave your contenders amazed with your marketing strategies. These magnetic closure boxes are an outstanding alternative for any business to utilise for product advertising and gift packing because of their stylish touch. The size, material, attachments, lamination, as well as layout of these customised closure boxes, can be completely personalised as per our client’s specifications.

Custom Printed Magnetic Closure Boxes As Rigid Magnetic Gift Boxes

Businesses utilise magnetic closure boxes for product packaging and advertising. These boxes have a refined appearance that makes them a desirable option for packing a variety of things in them. The rigid magnetic gift boxes are perfect to present high-quality gifts to business clients, groups, friends, or family members. The custom printed magnetic closure boxes can be a great souvenir for all your recipients and will function as a token of your appreciation in the future.
These boxes are long-lasting and may be customised with a variety of materials and finishes to enhance their exterior. Moreover, these rigid box magnetic closures are intended to pack fragile objects that can be shipped across long distances, together with inserts. If you want, you can have your customised inscriptions put on the boxes that are meant to be given as gifts. However, developing and producing fantastic custom magnetic closure rigid boxes necessitates the assistance of an expert and you can have it all at Custom Printed Boxes.

Make Your Magnetic Closure Boxes Stand Out!

Magnetic closure boxes are considered as standard for the bespoke packaging that is commonly used to distinguish a company from the competition, enhance the presentation of high-end items, catch spectators’ attention, and give a memorable unpacking experience. Present your exclusive goods in custom printed magnetic closure boxes that will allow clients to open up the fantastic world with a sense of wonder that will blow their minds and make them loyal to your business.
The magnetic closure boxes are therefore said to be the brand ambassador of your normal luxury items; but only precisely proportioned, approximately designed, error-free printed, and expertly finished magnetic closure boxes can do this. It is not only about getting flawless printing when it comes to discovering high-quality personalised magnetic closure boxes. We help you get the custom magnetic closure boxes in a variety of styles that are perfect for your every good and industry-related need and all this at the most affordable cost.

Rigid Magnetic Closure Boxes – For Safe And Luxurious Display Of Goods!

Make your product look more elegant with the rigid magnetic closure boxes. We know how to customise them in a way to give them the most enticing look. The custom rigid magnetic boxes are used in a variety of sectors, including fashion and clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, and watches. With the amazing designing, finishing, and printing techniques, the boxes become eye-catching and make the customers at least see what is packed inside. They add value to your goods as well. Call us now to book your order for custom magnetic closure rigid boxes today at +44 121 318 3093 or send your queries at We are always available for you and would be pleased to assist you.


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