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What Are Custom Shaped Labels?

The product feed’s custom shaped labels are just another property. These can be used in your shopping campaign to identify, organise, filter, and structure products so that your product listing ad techniques can be implemented. Custom labels are one of our specialties, and most of our custom label items include free laser die-cutting, so your labels can be almost any shape you wish. Custom shapes provide you with even more creative ways to personalise your custom printed shaped labels, with features like highlighting near to your text or your drawings. Stickers in the shape of a jar, bottle, or can complement beverages or tasty food products can be made to look like your products. Labels are constructed of a thinner BOPP film and are more commonly used in manufacturing (on containers, bottles, and so on) since they are easier to peel.

Different Types Of Custom Shape Labels!

Custom Printed Boxes offer different types of labels are as follows: Die Cut and Kiss Cut Labels are great for sharing a custom-shaped design with others. Die Cut Sticker backings are cut close to the edge of your sticker form for a unique effect. Kiss Cut labels are a terrific solution for when your shapes have delicate edges or your personalised labels will be on display and you want some of the sticker backing framing your artwork.
Die cut and kiss cut custom shape labels are both available in a glossy or matte finish. Clear Labels also come with free custom forms, allowing you to cut your labels into a shape that complements your artwork. This product is a fun way to draw attention to brands and bold graphics by allowing them to stand out on a variety of surfaces. Our company offers great shaped labels wholesale to their clients at a reasonable price.

Get Exceptional Services Of Custom Printed Shaped Labels!

Custom Printed Boxes is happy to be your number one source for any type of Label, so you can expect outstanding service. We are confident that you will find exactly what you are searching for among our hundreds of various styles, colours, and add-on possibilities. We provide a rapid quote and the simplest booking method to make your purchasing experience as straightforward as possible. Our creative team has years of experience and has completed thousands of custom shaped labels orders.
We’ll put that knowledge to good use by creating some fantastic personalised labels for your exact needs. Custom printed shaped labels at a low cost with excellent quality at a low cost. People enjoy customising the looks of their prized assets, such as automobiles, and they seek out outlets to do so. As a result, as a business owner selling labels to change the appearance from plain to appealing, quality must be prioritised.

Why Do You Select Us For Custom Shaped Labels?

Our skilled designers are ready to provide 3D samples to ensure you receive exactly what you want. This mockup image will allow you to view the labels’ design from every angle. The labels will be sent to production once you are completely pleased with the design form and printing colours. Our most basic design technique will never limit you to a few options; instead, you’ll have access to an endless ocean of options to build the best design imaginable. We have a large choice of sizes, shapes, and decorative border kinds to choose from. Simply tell us what you need, and our professional team of graphic artists will turn it into a reality. We make it very simple. We’ve made ordering custom-designed labels simple and enjoyable. To discuss your custom shaped labels needs, call +44 121 318 3093 or email


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