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Striking Features Of Our Custom Shaped Stickers

Our stickers can be made literally in any shape and size due to the availability of advanced die-cutting technology. You have to just finalize your artwork, logo, or any other detail that you want to be a part of your custom shaped stickers. Our quality of printing and neatly trimmed edges are perfect to create a premium look. When combined with contour cutting and your artwork, you may also apply a wide range of finishes. Above all, these options will never come up with an expensive price.

Custom Printed Shaped Stickers Allow You To Bestow Maximum Creativity

From a mug-shaped sticker for a coffee shop to a car-shaped sticker for a showroom, you will find endless options to grab the customers’ attention. The same is the case if you want to buy them for your product’s packaging or send a subscription or a shipment. Our experts work on thousands of interesting ideas to design custom printed shaped stickers in any dimension, finish, or layout. You can even convert your brand’s logo to a custom sticker shape. It is the most trendy, creative, and affordable way to promote your business more effectively. Our shaped stickers wholesale are the perfect solution you are looking for. From packaging labels to hundreds of other uses, our experts work creatively on their shape and display to set your brand apart.

Why Customers Love Our Custom Shape Stickers Printing?

Using traditional stickers or labels on your packages might get unnoticed, but choosing our custom shape stickers can add on a wow element that is necessary to appeal to potential customers. Our printing and design services are incomparable all across the industry. As a manufacturer, we consider your every little requirement and help in creating your desired product accordingly. Some of the reasons why customers are fond of buying from us include:

Long-Lasting: Our custom shape stickers are tear-resistant and withstand well against several adverse weather conditions. The presence of a robust vinyl layer makes them scratch-resistant too. Their durability may last up to more than 5 years.

Easy to Peel: Now the customers have to face no more hassle with rough edges to remove the sticker. Our custom-designed solutions are perfect to get a seamless, comfortable experience by an easy peeling.

Quick Turnaround: Want your custom printed shaped stickers in a couple of days? You will find no better option than Custom Printed Boxes. We deliver our packaging products to the customers with a quick turnaround time so that the customers can meet their tight deadlines.

Made from Eco-Friendly Inks: Without compromising on the quality of your shaped stickers wholesale, we use eco-friendly, long-lasting inks that are rich and consistent in colors. They are perfect to highlight every detail with clarity.

Upscale Your Brand's Display By Getting Our Custom Shaped Stickers

If you want something to upscale your brand’s presentation, nothing can be a better option than custom shaped stickers. For placing an order with us you have to specify your requirements either by filling out the form available on the website or call directly at +44 121 318 3093. Finalize the dimensions, quantity, design, shape, artwork, and the required finish. Once all the details are decided, our experts will provide you with an instant online quote to give you an idea of your required budget.
In the case of any uncertainty about your custom shaped labels or stickers or you need any alterations in design, you may get our personalized assistance by sending an e-mail at During our production phase, our experts focus on perfect die-cutting, high-quality printing, crisp detailing, and special finishing creating mesmerizing results. Above all, we come up with premium prices so that our services can be availed by all small and large-scale businesses according to their need. We offer a quick turnaround time with no additional expense for shipping or design.


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