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What Are Custom Waffle Cone Sleeves?

People in warmer climates enjoy licking ice cream. Each bite melts in their tongue, delighting them with its sweetness. Ice cream is ideal for eating on the go, at home, or when strolling along the beach. Customers will be more interested in the cones if they are wrapped in custom waffle cone sleeves packages. We work with you to create a unique custom waffle cone paper jacket that will protect your cones from the elements. Waffle cone paper sleeves or jackets exist in a variety of colours and sizes, and are used to separate ice cream cones based on their flavour. With our printed ice cone sleeve packaging, you can now promote your brand cones. Furthermore, we supply you with design samples that include a variety of techniques for your use in creating your order.

Custom Printed Waffle Cone Sleeves With High-Quality Graphics!

We can make any notion into a distinctive style, whether it’s a polka dot print or custom cone sleeves. Customers who come in for ice cream will no longer refuse to purchase your cones. We’ll keep differentiating our printing strategies:
Offset Printing: Because products are ordered in bulk, this print tool ensures that bulk printing is done safely and with excellent durability.
Digital Printing: This machine is capable of delivering excellent visibility in the print area as well as meeting customer expectations while retaining quality.
Our custom-made waffle cone paper jackets are in charge of offering both attractive and secure packaging. Custom printed waffle cone sleeves are made of aluminized paper, which protects their safety. It also prevents moisture and temperature from affecting the freshness of waffles. That is how we at Custom Printed Boxes select the best waffle cone jackets for you.

Material Used In Custom Waffle Cone Sleeves Packaging!

Materials have an important influence in determining whether or not sleeves are marketable. We strive to deliver high-quality materials and designs of custom printed waffle cone sleeves with a wide range of customizations and add-ons. The following are the materials we use to package our custom waffle cone sleeves packaging:

  • Cardstock
  • Paperboard Stock

Our handmade waffle cone wraps’ most important role is to protect the waffle inside. The paper used to make these sleeves is tough enough to keep the waffle cone safe for a long time. The material of the wrappers will safeguard the essence of the waffle and retain its freshness whether the ice creams are stored in refrigerators or customers grasp them in their hands. As a result, you won’t need to look any further than our custom packaging cone wrappers to improve the custom waffle cone sleeves packaging. To obtain these uniquely designed custom waffle cone wrappers, please contact our packaging suppliers. Furthermore, we provide cost-effective sleeves that are not taxing on the wallet.

Why Do You Select Us?

Fill out our quote form to get started, then choose your desired box style from a selection of design options, as well as the material thickness and desired sizes to guarantee that your confectionery goods fit precisely. To obtain the desired result, send your own artwork or share an idea with our team of graphic designers that you believe is appropriate for your brand.
However, if you’re a more advanced user, you can download a custom template and personalise it with the help of our in-house design team. Before placing your order, you may examine and approve your final creation in 3D. . Furthermore, we offer physical prototyping on special requests so that you can inspect the physical qualities, form, and quality of the colours we use on unique custom cardboard waffle cone boxes. To discuss your bespoke waffle cone sleeves needs, call +44 121 318 3093 or email


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