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Level Up The Presentation Of Your Fragrances By Using Custom Perfume Boxes

Perfumes are used by both, men and women, to make them feel good. In today’s competitive market, it is essential to design packaging that differentiates your brand from others and win over the customers’ heart. Custom perfume boxes are seen making a great contribution in this aspect. They have used an effective part of a brand’s marketing strategy, giving it good exposure at every step. When a customer is walking in retail aisles in the search of an enchanting fragrance, eye-grabbing packaging can create a wonderful impression. They are ideal to give off catchy visuals by elevating your brand presence on shelves.
Here you will find a couple of innovative ideas to make your custom perfume boxes more stylish, deluxe, and offer superior protection. Our dedicated staff will help you at every step to create a unique combination of colors, designs, printing, and finishing to level up your presentation with the quality of your fragrances.

Ingeniously Designed Perfume Packaging Boxes Are A Portable Solution

For delicate products like perfumes, it is extremely necessary to create packaging which protects them and helps in retaining their fragrance for long. Personality-conscious people tend to carry these perfumes on every occasion to boost their confidence and appeal. Our ingeniously designed perfume packaging boxes are an ideal solution providing several benefits to businesses as well as the customers. They are secure, portable, and convenient to use. As scent bottles are often made from glass, custom perfume packaging boxes are designed from premium quality cardboard with a good compression strength to ensure maximum protection during transition and display. Even if a customer wants to carry these colognes with him, such adorable custom perfume boxes packaging allows him to do it with grace.

Embellish Your Custom Printed Perfume Boxes With Glowing Coatings And Special Add-Ons

The final look of your perfume boxes wholesale matters the most in attracting customers and generating more sales. Here at Custom Printed Boxes, you will find a couple of interesting choices to add more glam to your packaging. Our experts can embellish your custom printed perfume boxes according to your taste to create an adorable finished look. You have to just pick from these coatings:

Gloss: To give a shiny appearance
Matte: To give a textured surface to your box.
Satin: It gives an appearance that is in-between gloss and matte, offering good scuff resistance.
Spot UV: To highlight your box’s printed sections.

With our high-precision advanced finishing methodologies, you can go for any premium quality finish to create an alluring look for your custom perfume boxes. Other add-on choices include metallic foiling, embossing, debossing, and introducing custom window boxes with interesting die-cuts. Some popular perfume brands these days are also opting for custom magnetic closure to take their product’s unboxing to a next level.
While others prefer using foam or cardboard inserts to give a vibrant backdrop to their perfume bottles, giving them a snug fit. These useful add-ons will not only enhance the grace of your custom printed perfume boxes but also make them more protective to use. Just avail the assistance of our proficient specialists to choose a perfect add-on for your packaging.

Slice Up Competition By Ordering Our Beguiling Custom Perfume Boxes

When your perfumes need to overshadow the products of other brands in this ever-so-increasing competition, contrasting custom perfume boxes is the key to creating a strong shelf impact. It gives an enchanting appearance to your brand making it enjoy a competitive position. For years, our experts are working on an innovative approach with a plethora of customization options, making your perfume packaging boxes wholesale glow like a diamond among other ordinary choices. All you have to do is to place an order with us on our website. Once you have finalized the design requirements our experts may provide you with a 3D mockup of your design. For any queries contact us at or dial +44 121 318 3093. for customer support. Once you are fully satisfied, then we will commence the further process.


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